Key Terms and Conditions

Care Assistants are provided at our published rates.  Private Care will be charged at minimum charge of 1/2 hour. All charges after the minimum charge will be charged at 5 minute increment's. For example if a Care Worker is there for 45 minutes you will be charged 45 minutes plus mileage. (if any)

Service users can be invoiced weekly, or on a 4 weekly basis if requested.

We undertake to fill all bookings, but in the event of being unable to help, no fee is charged.

The company requires a minimum of 24 Hrs notice if the customer wishes to cancel a booked visit.

Cerecare endeavours to maintain continuity of care, but in the event of sickness or absence of an employee, we will supply an alternative member of staff.

Where possible all employees must obtain a signature from the service user or representative to verify each visit on the timesheet that is provided. The service user is charged according to the information provided on the timesheet.

Cerecare may terminate the provision of service as a result of extreme circumstances; in this event we endeavour to give one month’s notice unless the circumstances are such, that the staff are placed in a situation that contravenes their well-being and Health & Safety.

Service users may change service arrangements on a temporary basis by giving at least twenty four hours notice.