The Housefile

Throughout our website, brochures, and other documentation, we reer the word Housefile; to us it is the key to providing consistent & quality care - because of this, we feel it is appropriate to spend a few moments describing what is in a Housefile.

A care plan is drawn up from an assessment, in agreement with the Service User and/or their family member/representative or social worker. The care plan remains with the Service User, in a Housefile (this is a collection of all relevant plans, risk assessments and agreements, associated with the Service User).

The Housefile also contains a Handover book which the Care Worker/s will fill in at every visit recording the tasks that have been completed or any concerns that they have. It is also a useful tool for communication between Service User/Family member/representative to record any information which they wish to pass onto the Care Workers or vice versa. Comment forms, complaints procedure and other policy documents can also be found in the Housefile; it is intended to ensure consistency of care, and provide an auditable history of our relationship with each individual Service Users.