Supporting People

'Supporting People' is a funding programme from the National Assembly for Wales that pays for housing related support. The main aim is to help vulnerable people live successfully and independently in settled accommodation within the community.

Support should enable and empower service users to cope as independently as possible. Assistance may include help to improve daily living skills, social interactions and community involvement, but specifically focuses on support services that ensure people with disabilities can live safely and securely in their own home. The programme can help people by:
• Offering people help with managing their budgets and assistance accessing services dealing with benefits, finances and legal issues 
• Offering to help to ensure people feel safe and secure in their home
• Helping people to make and keep appointments
• Supporting people with tenancy and housing issues, arrange O.T visits and assist with organizing adaptations, liaison with landlords, accessing advice and advocacy 
• Addressing homelessness issues and helping people to access accommodation
• Assisting people in planning their weekly meals, shopping and food preparation
• Assisting people to develop life skills that will help them cope better with daily living tasks 
• Helping people gain access to other services they may need, including training, education, employment, health and social activities 
• Assisting people to develop life skills that will help them cope better with daily living tasks 
• Resettlement activities - pre and post tenancy assistance 
• Support with relationships and family, maintaining support networks and good neighbour relations, and also promotion of good parenting skill

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