Care Services

At home we all feel better. It’s where we are most at ease with the world, especially later in life when familiarity means so much to us and any change is daunting.

At home, our friends and relatives can visit to cheer us up. We can enjoy the meals we choose, cooked just the way we like them. We have precious things around us to remind us of all the good times.

And if it’s a choice of an extended convalescence in hospital or care at home, we know what we would choose. It is a proven fact that people recover more quickly at home.

Here at Cerecare we recognise that planning, consultation and regular reviews are key to successful placements, and a fulfilling long term relationship between us, our care assistants and our Service User's.

Before any placement, a Care Coordinator/Team Leader will visit the service user’s and discuss his or her needs.  An individualized service delivery care plan, along with appropriate risk assessments will be compiled, and this remains with the Service User in a Housefile.

During a placement, we aim to maintain regular contact between the Service User and a member of our management team, either by phone or a face-to-face meeting. The Service User's housefile is updated and the care plan is reviewed as of when required.

Our Services in brief

Here at Cerecare we work in several associated areas, providing homecare and support in Service User’s homes, and more formal locations.

Domiciliary Care - providing the reassurance of full time care, in familiar surroundings.

Holiday Care - We have a number of Service User's who regularly come to West Wales on holiday; using our homecare services can often help to add that extra bit of relaxation that might otherwise be difficult to achieve on holiday.

Each of these services is described in more detail elsewhere on our website.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding what you have seen on our website, please feel free to contact us on: 01570 423342